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easyJet to increase its flights offer in Morocco starting this winter

easyJet low-cost airline to increase its flights in Morocco

The low-cost airline easyJet has signed initial agreements with the ONMT to increase its frequencies to Morocco this winter, including on flight-hotel packages, before committing soon to the opening of new routes.

The CEO of the British budget flight specialist Johan Lundgren, accompanied by that of EasyJet Holidays Gary Wilson, signed on October 5, 2022 in Marrakech with the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) two partnerships for the winter season 2022- 2023 which begins at the end of the month.

On the program: a reinforcement of frequencies during the winter season, and the growth of low cost in the country in particular as a tour operator.

EasyJet offers three destinations in Morocco, to the airports of Agadir (7 connections), Essaouira (only one, Bordeaux) and Marrakech (15); No more line is displayed in Tangier, which nevertheless remains quoted on its booking site. Since arriving in the Kingdom in 2006, it has transported more than 18 million passengers there.

“We are discussing with the Moroccan authorities how we can consolidate and develop our presence in Morocco, no longer as an airline only, but also as a TO which will be able to fill a large part of its air seats to Morocco with its own customers in packages”, Mr. Lundgren told reporters.

Morocco is “a fantastic and extremely popular destination with our customers”, added the leader of easyJet Holidays; “We are a new company, but we have huge ambitions and we fully intend to be one of the biggest tour operators in Europe and bring large numbers of tourists to Marrakech and Morocco in the coming years” .

Moroccan Minister of Tourism Fatim Zahra Ammor stressed that this meeting “offered the opportunity to share with the leaders of the British airline easyJet Morocco’s ambition to double the number of arrivals by 2030, and how said company can be part of this ambition”.

The ONMT and easyJet should announce “in the coming weeks” a more global and multi-year partnership, focusing in particular on “the significant increase in capacity and the opening of new airlines to several Moroccan destinations.

The general manager of the ONMT Adel El Fakir specified: “the objective of this future partnership will be to consolidate the presence of Easyjet on Agadir and Marrakech, but also to imagine the common strategic partnership which will allow EasyJet to develop to other Moroccan destinations and to connect the Kingdom to the 34 European markets from which it already operates”.

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