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Errachidia: The Hidden Gem You Must Visit

Errachidia - The Hidden Gem You Must Visit in Tafilalet Morocco

Visit Errachidia, Tafilalet and merzouga, the three indivisible destinations

Errachidia was founded in 1959 under the name “Ksar-es-souk” in Arabic and “Imetgheren” in Berber. The city was renamed Errachidia in 1976. According to the 2014 census, its population is 418,451.

Tafilalet is a vast lush palm grove that spans along the banks of the Ziz and Ghris rivers. Its wide desert creates a stunning Saharan space. Merzouga‘s dunes are crucial for seeing Erg Chebbi, an area of golden sand that reaches a height of roughly 150 meters.

Tafilalet was a thriving economic hub throughout the Middle Ages. Located at the entryway to the desert, the primary caravan route to Sudan, and a crossroads of trans-Saharan commerce, particularly the slave trade, gold, spices, salt, and so on.

Sijilmassa had a bright heart. A Middle Ages urban treasure from the XIII century. Sijilmassa was a thriving trading center. It had amazing magnificence and prestige as a result of its casbahs, market, workshops, palace, primary home of the emir, gorgeous mosques, Medersas (schools), and so on.

Tin-Hinan, the Tuaregs’ progenitor, the queen Berber Tin-Hinan, would be from this region. In 1631, Tafilalet witnessed the founding of the Alaouite dynasty, led by Moulay Ali Cherif. The Moroccan monarchy is still ruled by this dynasty today.

Errachidia now serves as the regional council of Drâa-Tafilalet’s headquarters. This enables it to initiate a dynamic of infrastructure building and extension to meet the demands of the new territorial division of 2015 formed region.

Rest and relaxation in the deep south

A spectacular nature in Morocco‘s south inland, turning away from the sea, the town of Errachidia, will make you experience an entirely new Morocco. It provide exquisite vistas between the heights of the Middle Atlas and the immensity of the Sahara.

Errachidia is a highland village. The reliefs block off the horizon like a background here, providing the feeling of quiet and tranquillity. Cedars and fir trees cap these heights, adding to the sense of tranquillity, while oaks, date palms, and olive trees thrive in the valley. Many trips are planned to take you to these breathtaking places.

The desert promised surrounding Errachidia has arrived at Merzouga’s doorstep. The small town has vanished into the dunes. It is in these circumstances that the tallest dunes in Morocco and the most magnificent dawn in the world stand, that a palm grove spreads, that dynamic waters of bird flight unfold:

it is Lake Dayet Srij and its migratory community. One-time adventures and multi-day trips allow you to go in front of these gems and uncover all the richness that the desert hides.

There is no longer any mention of beach Morocco in these faraway locations! At every curve of the route, you will uncover a wild nature and adventure!

Traditional festivities and authenticity, Men and traditions mosaic

To admire this magnificent region that has been preserved and embrace its secular culture, you must realize that the present is still mixed with the past. If the province still has witnesses to its rich past, such as the tomb of Moulay Ali Chérif, an ancestor of the Alaouite dynasty in Rissani, or the ruins of Sijilmassa, a historic merchant city that contains 400 walled settlements that previously housed a community with shared interests, you will learn its traditions above all via interactions with the people.

Many cultural and artistic events, including as the International Dates Fair in Erfoud, the Wedding Festival in Imilchil, the Merzouga International Festival of World Music, and the Apple Festival in Midelt, will be available to those who are fortunate enough.

Without a doubt, the cultural wealth of this region will astound you!

Sports that are unique in the desert

A one-of-a-kind dynamic framework!

Your favorite sports, or those that are more odd, will allow you to experience this lovely location in a unique style that will never fail to amaze you.

Take a trek or a mule ride to see the magnificent Ziz gorges, which stretch from Amsed to Tadighoust.

You may visit a few museums illustrating the local nomadic culture, such as the fossil and mineral museum on the way to Rissani, the nomadic culture museum in Erg Chebbi, the Lalla Mimouna Sources museum in Tinejdad, or the location of the prehistoric rock carvings of Taouz.

There are also more than in the Tafilalet area. or from Assoul to Amellagou, one of the world’s top climbing areas.

You may also enjoy the Erg Chebbi dunes, Merzouga’s camel rides, and sand skiing at Merzouga. For the most adventurous, the erg Moulay Omar or erg Znigui will allow you to practice quad and 4×4 driving.

In the heart of the Eastern High Atlas, on the banks of the Tislit and Isli lakes, objects of a tale of an impossible love between two members of opposite tribes, where trout, pike, and barbel flourish, well-informed fisherman and winter sports enthusiasts will find their bliss.

Many caverns, such as those in Akhiam in the Imilchil area, await caving enthusiasts to divulge their mysteries.

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