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Morocco’s Most Underrated Cities and Places to Visit in 2024

Morocco Most Underrated Cities

Most Underrated Cities and Places to Visit in Morocco

As the holidays approach, travelers  visiting Morocco often plan their trips around the handful most popular touristy  attractions in Morocco such a Fez, Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Agadir, Tangier or Casablanca.

For a distinctive experience however, whether you are visiting Morocco for the first time or you are re-visiting for more, you may want to stroll away from the crowds and visit lesser known places in Morocco that are no less vibrant or enticing.

Want to know more? Let us take you through a list of  the best underrated places in Morocco.

Morocco Most Underrated Cities :

1. Meknes 

Located in the Middle Atlas region, the historic city of Meknes is plausibly one of the most underrated of Morocco’s four imperial cities ( that is, Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, and Rabat). Meknes is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its vestiges of important monuments and historical heritage  placed in a rapidly changing urban environment. Meknes remarkably represents fortification architecture through its voluminous ramparts built in the Hispano-Moorish style reflecting elements of both Islamic and European architecture  and design. 

Listed below are some of the top places you should visit in Meknes. 

The magnificent Bab Al-Mansour, one of the biggest gates in Meknes, is the main gate between Meknes’ Medina and Imperial City. Its design is one of the most exquisite  architectural delights not only in Africa but the world.

Bab al mansour – Meknes

If you are an artsy person with a taste for  traditional aesthetic Dar Jamai is your to-go place. In addition to the museums’ traditional 19th century Moroccan decor of painted wood and plaster, and its  andalusian-style garden, this museum of moroccan art, is home to a number of local arts and crafts including:  jewellery, textiles, needlework , antique furniture and other metal and wood crafts. 

Just about 19 Kilometers beyond the fortified walls of Meknes is the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Morocco. Located at the top of a hill, overlooking the countryside below it, Volubilis’ remnant forum, arch and palace make an incredible ambiance that brings together nature and antiquity to give you a walk spanning from the  amazigh’s kingdom to the roman imperial city up to the early islamic dynasty.  

Volubilis – Meknes

2. Al Hoceima: 

Bordered by the waters of the Mediterranean and extending along the Rif mountains in north Morocco, Al Hoceima is on of Morocco most underrated cities, it’s an ideal location for beach lovers and those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Al Hoceima’s diverse landscape offers its visitors the opportunity to experience its serene atmosphere through  golden sandy beaches, clear blue Mediterranean shores, vibrant hills and the Spanish architectural influence in the city’s landscape all at once. 

If this sounds like your next destination, here is a list of places in Al Hoceima  you should consider:

Topped by Quemado cliff,  this beach is with no doubt the most attractive in the city. Its panoramic view combined with a seaside resort (Hôtel Quemado and Hôtel Mohamed V) and ideal location close to the city centre make this beach one of the most frequented. 

Quemado Beach – Al Hoceima Morocco

If you prefer a more tranquil visit to the beach with clean see-through waters, Thara Youssef deserved to be in our list (Morocco most underrated cities), located just a bit in the outskirts of Al Hoceima, is a must visit. 

A visit to Al Hoceima is incomplete without  stopping by its national park. It is a not-to- miss hike through pure nature, vibrant flora, and glimmering sea. 

Located just near Al Hoceima’s port, a visit to Al Hoceima’s Diving Centre  offers you a unique experience of excursion, scuba diving, and boat tours all guided by professional trainers and certified instructors to guarantee the best underwater experience. 

3. El Jadida

Standing still on the shores of the Atlantic since the 16th century, and located between Morocco’s largest city Casablanca and the touristic city of Essaouira, El Jadida remains  one of Morocco’s underrated destinations and undiscovered by many. Here is an overview of the city’s landmarks that will have it climb its way up in your to-visit-list.

This portogese-built city  surrounds its visitors with a historic aura and sublime Portoguese/Moroccan architecture. Its UNESCO-listed Fortress of Mazagan is home to a number of monuments including the Church of Assumption, The Cistern, the Jewish synagogue, the bastions and their ramparts. Combined, these monuments grant this place a cinematographic  atmosphere. In fact, many TV productions did take place there, among which is Orson Welles’ “Othello”.

Besides its central beach, known as  Deauville Plage, El jadida’s beaches ( Haouzia Beach, Sidi Abed Beach, Sidi Bouzid Beach) are rather isolated and off-the-beaten-track offering a more relaxed, peaceful and serene vibe and are perfect for surfing-lovers

Stretching along the beach, El Jadida offers golf enthusiasts a distinctive experience in its 18-hole course,  designed by South African golfer Gary Player. 

Mazagan Resort Golf Club

4. Tetouan 

Located in the Rif Mountain region between the popular route connecting Tangier and Chefchaouen lies a city worth stopping for. That is , the white city of Tetouan. Being host to one of the most important Mediterranean ports in Morocco, combined with the city’s  rich history and culture mix lend Tetouan a certain beauty and grandeur that makes it  one of the best underrated places to visit in Morocco. Sounds intriguing? Here is a list of places you may wanna keep for your next visit to Tetouan. 

Largely characterized by white houses that largely  remained untouched since the 17th century, Tetouan’s medina or old town  is another UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring multicultural influence that fuses Moroccan, Spanish, and Andalucían architecture that stood witness to the Marinid dynasty and Andalusian refugeeship. Visiting Tetouan’s medina is like walking through centuries of history in a matter of hours.

Tetouan Morocco

Tetouan is home to one of  only two modern art museums in Morocco ( the other is located in the capital, Rabat). The Centre of Modern Art in Tetouan is composed of an architectural base that used to be a rail station linking to Ceuta. Today it’s a spanish-style, castle-like building that houses contemporary Moroccan artwork. Other places showcasing the artsy side of the city include,  Tetouan School of Arts and Crafts and  Tatouan’s Archeological Museum.

Tetouan’s New City, located in the center of Avenue Mohammad V, an open  plaza where you can have a mint tea or grab a coffee while enjoying the architectural delights of the city. Just a walk away, you can find the bright yellow, Roman cathedral of Iglesia de Bacturia, the only remaining church in Tetouan that still holds regular service. 

Bab Okla is the most famous and photographed  among Tetouan’s 7 famous  gates, this magnificent gate is the main entrance to the medina, the royal palace and the  School of Arts and Crafts.

Bab okla – Tetouan

5. Imlil 

Amidst the  High Atlas Mountains of Morocco is the quaint village of Imlil, a small Berber settlement. Being approximately 60 km south of Marrakech, Ilmil is a perfect one-day or a couple-of-days trip to retreat from the city’s chaos and escape  tourist crowds to enjoy a secluded luxury of  beautiful landscape, mountain ranges and traditional food.

Imlil Trekking mountain Toubkal

Imlil makes up the main base for ascending Mountain Toubkal,  the highest mountain in North Africa (4167m). This makes it a great location for starting a guided  trekking venture.  If you want to climb up to the summit of Mountain Toubkal, it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional guide for the best and safest experience. 

Just above the village sits Kasbah du Toubkal, a mountain resort beautifully set against the scenery of the high-standing Toubkal Mountain. Kasbah du Toubkal is one of the most comfortable – although slightly pricey- accommodation options available in Imlil. In Kasbah, you can have your meals on a beautiful terrace, while enjoying a chill vibe with the glorious view of the High Atlas mountain and valleys surrounding you. 

Two small waterfalls just outside the village to the west make a nice excursion after a journey from Marrakech. this palce is one of Morocco most underrated cities The hospitality of the Berber people, their traditional food, and the serene ambiance of the place all add up to a unique and authentic experience.

Riad Atlas Prestige, Bed & Breakfast Imlil

6. Dakhla

The jewel of the desert is a great destination. Visitors from all over the world visit Dakhla. Dakhla city is a blend of Amazing Amazigh and Spanish architecture. You will feel you are in your home when you visit Dakhla, so you relax. It is a town to relax, rest, and admire outstanding panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

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