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Visit Beni Mellal To Discover The Underrated Beauty Of The Atlas

Beni mellal the heart of the Moroccan history :

Morocco is the land of a thousand contrasts. With its diversity of landscapes, exceptional cuisine, and breathtaking nature, coupled with an extraordinary cultural and human heritage, Morocco is enticing.

In Morocco, nature has given free rein to its imagination. From the Atlas to the Rif Mountains, from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean shores, from the wide sandy bays to small isolated rocky coves, from the southern large golden dunes to green oasis, the charm is boundless.

Called in the middle Ages by Hisn Day, then by Dai, Beni mellal is today considered one of the most important cities in central Morocco, it is also a historic city, rich in monuments from the Ismaelite period (17th century) and Almoravid empire.

Visit Beni Mellal
Beni Mellal

Beni Mellal is a city located in the heart of Morocco, between the plain of Tadla and the Middle Atlas on the road axis of the imperial cities of Fez and Marrakech.

It enjoys a continental climate with a population of 500,000, and benefits from a pleasant landscape at the foot of the Mont-Blanc de Tassemit, crossed by a small river of Dai which gave it this name in the past.

Nature lovers will appreciate the views of the surrounding mountains, the magnificent forests of cedars and oaks,

Adventurers or hikers can trek through mountains such as the Middle Atlas. Béni Mellal is the starting point to discover the mountains, the forest and the wild life in its pure state.

It offers mountain and adventure tourism enthusiasts the most beautiful reliefs of the High and Middle Atlas in the Kingdom.

It also has many caves and chasms that delight speleologists and archaeologists.

Without forgetting that it is also a very famous tourist destination, this fortified city is dominated by a very famous castle, the Berber kasbah of the tighremt type, in adobe like that of Borj Ras El Ain, a small fortress, marvelously located at the top of the mountain, it dominates the whole site of Ain Asserdoun.

From there we discover a panoramic view of Beni Mellal in the middle of the orchards of olive trees and orange trees which follow one another until the horizon as well as on the valley of Tadla.

It is a historical monument from which the whole city of Beni Mellal becomes a kind of geographical map.

Places to visit:

Zaouiat Ahansal

azilal zaouiat ahansal
Zaouiat Ahansal

Zaouiat Ahansal reveals an old charming little village. Composed of a remarkable set of fortified Berber houses, this village hides a rich past, both religious and political.

Gorges Oued El Abid

The wadi el Abid, active torrent and main tributary of the Oum er-Rbia, dug in the western part of the Middle Atlas deep gorges of 400 to 600 m, whose wall stands on the left, red and steep, but whose bottom cannot be seen.

The narrow paved road (P 3105), traced in a cornice above the vertical walls, descends abruptly in impressive laces towards the wadi, which it crosses on a metal bridge from where one can see the entrance to the canyon. .

Bin el Ouidane Dam

A dam was built on the Bin-el-Ouidane wadi, forming a 3,755 ha reservoir which brightens up the surrounding mountainous landscape. The impressive work, 133 m high and 285 m long at the crest, allows both the production of electricity and the irrigation of the Tadla plain.

The road affords beautiful views of the dam and the lake waters, which are calm and of an astonishing blue. Continuing it, you will reach the waterfalls of Ouzoud then the gorges drawn by the wadi el Abid.

Ouzoud waterfalls

Ouzoud waterfalls
Ouzoud waterfalls

The Ouzoud waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful sites in the region. The visitor will be seduced by a walk, in a peaceful setting, along the waterfalls.

Kasba Tadla: Kasbah of Beni Mellal

An important city in central Morocco, halfway between Fez and Marrakech, Beni Mellal has become a pleasant stopover for tourists wishing to reach southern Morocco. To see: its casbah, built in the 17th century under Moulay Ismaïl.

The Imsfrane Cathedral

The Imsfrane Cathedral
The Imsfrane Cathedral

The Cathedral of rocks of Mastfrane culminates at more than 1500 meters. The visitor will discover a landscape shared between the high plateaus of the Altlas and red earth.

To conclude if you are an extreme sport lover, a peacefull environement seeker, or just a normal old fashion tourist, you will definitly be fascinated about what Beni mellal can offer in terms of geological landscape, you are more than welcome to visit and pay yourself an amazing life experience.

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