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Visit Casablanca: The Best Things To Do In Casablanca

The largest city and economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca has an incredible architectural heritage and some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. So, what do you must see in Casablanca ?

Heading to the Moroccan Atlantic coast, you will definitely decide when to visit Casablanca because we will take you to discover its most emblematic places !

Casablanca Hassan 2 mosque :

Mosque Hassan 2

The Casablanca Hassan 2 mosque is a massive structure that sits in the seashore mist.
The prayer hall has a total space of 20,000m2 and can seat 25,000 attendees. Outside, 80,000 people can pray in the courtyard.

The mosque’s position, which is partly constructed over the ocean and overlooks it, corresponds to a passage in the Qur’an that states that God’s seat is on the water.
It is the only mosque in Morocco that non-Muslims may attend on a daily basis. A must-see when you visit Casablanca.

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Place des Nations Unies :

United Nations Square

This place is designed by the French architect Joseph Marrast. It is one of Casablanca’s most important historical monuments. Following major reconstruction to allow tramway transit, the subterranean tunnels are undergoing further renovations as of March 2020 to restore them to their original level of grandeur and flair.

It is the future city’s epicenter. It serves as a connecting point between the historic medina and the contemporary city. You really need to visit this place to discover Casablanca because it serves as a link between the past and present.

Everything is close by: a tram station, the souk, luxury hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, banks, business headquarters, and travel agencies.

Beach Ain Diab :

Ain Diab Beach

During the summer, this Casablanca beach is very popular. Residents and visitors to Casablanca seek relief from the heat of the city center by swimming at this vast stretch of wonderful sand beach.

Habous – New medina :

Habous Casablanca

Casablanca’s new medina or Habous, in the city’s southeast, was constructed by the French in the 1920s and remains one of the city’s most atmospheric districts.

Strolling around the Habous exposes a fascinating combination of French colonial buildings and traditional North African architecture, peppered with little souks offering Moroccan handicrafts and leather items, and is marked by small tree-lined squares, clean lanes, and exquisite arcades.

The Habous district, which is bordered by Boulevard Victor Hugo and includes such highlights as Casablanca’s elaborate royal palace and the Mahakma du Pacha (the Pacha’s courthouse), which dates from the 1950s and is renowned for its Spanish-Moorish design, is a must-see for those taking a walking tour of the city to discover Casablanca.

The Old Medina transports you into an authentic setting. All the alleys of this emblematic district of Casablanca breathe the history of the city.

Morocco Mall :

Morocco Mall

The Morocco Mall, was opened in 2011, is the world’s 20th biggest retail mall and Africa’s second largest. Located at the end of the spectacular Corniche.

A real national pride, a shopping paradise, and one of Casablanca’s most prominent emblems of economic vitality.

Fly to Casablanca to the greatest mall would be a good idea. It is a commercial hub where you can participate in a variety of entertaining activities. You can choose between fantastic international stores, sophisticated restaurants, movie theaters, an aquarium, ice skating, and so on.

For those who are unable to visit the historic medina, the Mall has established a separate souk on its premises. So, on your next vacation to Casablanca, we strongly suggest you to travel there with friends or family.

La Corniche :

Ain Diab Corniche

Casablanca’s corniche is a favorite weekend destination for people looking for some fresh air. It’s also where the most famous Casablanca nightlife can be found.

There are several wonderful beaches and private pools around La Corniche. Its huge beach, on the other hand, is distinctive.

It’s the ideal place for some sand time with the family while basking in the warm Casablanca sun. This is why this beach draws a large number of visitors as well as locals.

Take a stroll down the beach and take in the scenery!

Royal Palace :

Palais Royal Gate, Casablanca

This old Royal Palace is perhaps the city’s most stunning structure, located in the Habous area. It boasts magnificent Mediterranean gardens and was built in the 1920s in a rather contemporary Arab-Muslim design.

The Royal Palace of Casablanca, like all of the King’s many residences, is breathtakingly gorgeous. The royal residence is enormous in every manner, with enormous windows and notably stunning external walls.

The one in Casablanca, however, is extremely heavily guarded, as are all of the King’s palaces in various Moroccan cities. Getting inside is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. Its outstanding exterior architecture, on the other hand, is certainly worth a look… even from distance!

A significant destination in the city’s history that should not be overlooked when you visit Casablanca!

Best hotels for an unforgettable vacation in Casablanca:

The hotels prices in Casablanca are interesting. In the heart of Casablanca’s lively business district, the elegant building of the Sofitel Casablanca la Tour Blanche stands out. Step through the doors of this 5-star establishment and you are in a temple of design and splendor.

Sofitel Hotel

Behind the elegant and refined facade of the 5-star Hotel Le Casablanca, in a quiet and green residential area only 5 minutes from the center of Casablanca, a sumptuous universe awaits you.

At the Grand Mogador City Centre Hotel, you are invited to let go! Leave your vehicle with the valet and enter the lobby of this 5-star establishment. (Book Hotels in Casablanca)

15 minutes from the old medina and 10 minutes from the Habous district, the Movenpick Casablanca Hotel is ideally located for those who want to discover the city’s picturesque and architectural attractions on foot; an airport transfer service is provided by the hotel.

The largest city in all of Morocco has good addresses where you will always know what to do. Casablanca has a rich cultural and historical heritage, pleasant squares, welcoming restaurants, charming neighborhoods and a lively nightlife.

In short, you should not miss the White City during your tours in Morocco.

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