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Visit Chefchaouen : 7 Best Places To Visit

7 Best Places to Visit in Chefchaouen

You want to visit Chefchaouen? First off all, Chefchaouen is the blue city of Morocco, located in the north of the Kingdoom, about 3 hours riding from Tangier and 1 hour from Tetouan.

Chefchaouen is a small city built  in the mountains and contains two parts : the new city built by ciments with a modern architecture, the second part of the city is the medina or the old city where everything is blue.

So what are the best places to visit in Chefchaouen ? and how can you visit this beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen?

Places to Visit in Chefchaouen :

In Chefchaouen there are so many places to visit and monuments to see, let’s start by listing them :

The old Medina : 

It is the first thing when you hear Chefchaouen, the blue city. So the old medina of Chefchaouen is where you can enjoy the blue life, all house’s walls are painted in blue, the narrow alleys, cats everywhere, and the atmosphere is so amazing.

Even people are nice and polite.

You can do 1-2 hours tour to see each inch of the old medina and take some great pictures of course.

You can share your picture with us on Instagram, Just DM and we share it :) .

Place Outa El Hammam :

The place in the center of the old medina of Chefchaouen, where you can enjoy sitting there to take a fresh breath and enjoy the building around you. besides you can hear nice music of what some street musicians play.

In front of you the Kasbah, and hotels and restaurants on the other side. 

The Kasbah : 

In the heart of Chefchaouen, you find the Kasbah just next to Place Outa El Hammam, an historical monument containing a lovely Andalusian-style garden, a former prison, the small Center for Research and Andalusian Studies and even smaller art gallery (only open during exhibitions).

One of the fortress’ 13 spires, the Portuguese Tower, named after the Portuguese prisoners who built it, features plaques tracing Riffian history and provides exquisite views of the medina.

Ras El Maa Waterfall :

Next to the old medina of Chefchaouen (3 minutes of walking) there is The Ras El Maa Waterfall, a small water one.

But its beauty shines on eyes. With the nice trickling water that takes you to another peaceful world, plus an amazing view through all the small rivers and the nature beyond.

Bouzâafar Mosque : 

Go up to the top of the mountain to reach the mosque called Bouzâafar, Where you see all the city from up, sit on the wall and wait for the sunset, the moment you can resist, the amazing view ever of a sunset.

Keep your phone and camera battery full to capture every moment.and you should be there 1 hour before because everyone claims to have the best position to admire that view.

Akchour waterfalls :

The Best Waterfalls ever is the region, the waterfalls are far about 40 minutes by Taxi, (Grand taxi or big taxi with 6 places and the driver, and it costs 25 to 35 Moroccan dirhams = 3$).

After arriving by the taxi , you should be ready to walk 90 to 120 minutes by the river side to reach the big waterfalls.

An amazing view, fresh air, nice birds sounds,you come across some monkeys, local restaurants, small waterfalls ehere you can take a rest andt sit there to take a new breath.

For sure some locals are going to ask to buy some hash from them.

And reaching the waterfalls , there you have a tagine, moroccan mint tea, some limonds or just sitting to admire that unbelievable view.

It would be better if you bring the swing suit to enjoy the water.

We plan a new article about the akchour waterfalls and how you can be ready for that adventure.

God’s Bride : 

From the same place where the taxi arrives, you can hit the right path by feets to the God’s bridge, the path is a little more difficult than the akchour waterfall, you came across one small waterfall, and after 1 hour your reach the bridge to enjoy the view, the climate and the whole atmosphere.forget all about stress, noise and the world matters. 

You can go up if you can (very difficult ) to end by arriving at the end of the river and the mountains and reaching the God’s bridge waterfall end.


Your trip to Chechouen could take up to 3 days to see and enjoy the city and the nearby places, but don’t forget to enjoy every moment, enjoy the details and live the moment. 

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