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Visit Saidia: the north-eastern pearl of Morocco

Visit Saïdia-Oujda: the north-eastern Mediterranean borders of Morocco’s Kingdom

Saidia represents Morocco‘s azure and pleasant seas. Whether you’re visiting with family, as a couple, or with friends, don’t pass up the opportunity to marvel at the region’s magnificent natural beauty. Take a walk across the city and see the architectural history and long-standing medina in Oujda.

The coastal village of Saidia is an unavoidable retreat, with an astonishing 14 kilometers of exquisite white golden sandy beach and a generous sun shining all year round. Many activities, including water sports and golfing, are accessible at or near the lake’s edge. In the evening, the marina is a great place to sample the region’s cuisine.

Oujda, sixty kilometers from Saidia, exhibits the riches of its lengthy past. From the medina and its majestic gates to a cultural excursion within Sebti palace and Lalla Aicha park, a little oasis of fresh air within the city.

Saïdia-Oujda has it all: awareness, joy, and enough excitement to make your stay unforgettable!

Saidia, the best destination to relax and workout:

The beaches of Saidia are ideal for rest and relaxation. They are, nonetheless, actual playgrounds where the most athletic people work out and overcome problems. Saidia’s high-end infrastructure allows you to engage in a wide range of activities. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water skiing are just a few of the amazing delights that await you!

The city’s marina is yet another marvel! It provides you with the possibility to rent a boat, and go fishing in the heart of the Mediterranean. Surfcasting is another option in the nearby region. Throw your line into the waters from the coast with a rod in your hand and wait for the ideal catch.

Golf aficionados will appreciate exploring Saidia’s golf course. Attempt after attempt, test your technique, traverse bunkers and streams until you succeed. Beginners are welcome to try out a new sport in a green environment, while expert golfers are presented with exhilarating difficulties!

Sports in Saidia should not be missed! Join the coastal town and have a fun-filled stay!

Visit saidia in Morocco
Saidia beach – sunset

Vast expanse of beautiful white sand Seaside vacations with friends or family:

Saidia, the Mediterranean’s gem, is a beach resort devoted totally to relaxation and your well-being. For a few days, you may forget about your everyday routine and relax at cutting-edge institutes dedicated to sustainable development.

These gorgeous beaches appear to go on forever. You can just rest and enjoy a tranquil time with 14 kilometers of fine sand. Allow yourself to be lured by a fantastic contemplation moment of stunning vistas while sitting on a deckchair in the shade of a parasol and being rocked by the rolling waves.

These modern beaches were created to suit the expectations of tourists by providing a variety of entertaining activities. You will have fun with your family or friends in calm and pleasant seas that are totally secure. Take Windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, and water skiing are all options.

Plunge into cool, pure water and fill up on thrills and excitement in the Mediterranean’s gem.

Saidia nature’s untainted beauty:

The Mediterranean seas lie to the north of Saidia. The lovely Oujda is to the south. Between land and sea, these two towns provide a range of scenery as well as the greatest adventure activities.

Nature has magnificent vistas all surrounding Sadia, which may be reached via planned trips. Cape Ras-El-Ma, located a few kilometers outside of town, is another must-see.

The coastline is made up of cliffs with a beautiful white sandy beach at their base. Adventurers will ascend to the cape’s heights and marvel at the scenery, including the dunes dotted with eucalyptus trees. Moulouya, which is still close to Saidia, is a must-see for all nature enthusiasts. This high-ranking location is home to a diverse range of flora and several beautoful birds.

A universe of opportunities is waiting for you. You will not be bored throughout your stay at Oujda-Sadia!

Saidia city strolls and rambles:

Relaxation and exploration may be found in the north-eastern cities of Saidia and Oujda.

Saidia, Morocco’s Blue Pearl, invites you to its cutting-edge hotel amenities that are both pleasant and ecologically sustainable.

Oujda has an entirely different vibe. The city has a long past that merges beautifully with modern culture Going there is like going through the streets of an ancient city with a thousand-year history. The “old Morocco” may be found throughout the medina. The fortified district transports you across time.

Oujda is a veritable open-air museum. The Sebti Palace represents the city’s cultural heart. Receptions, exhibits, other types of festivities, music, painting, and arts all contribute to the pleasant mood.

While Saidia boasts about the warm Mediterranean environment, Oujda hides historical riches!

Al Kabir Mosque Oujda
Al Kabir Mosque Oujda

Popular spots in Oujda-Saïdia:

  • The Marchica Lagoon.
  • The Zegzel Valley.
  • The park lalla Meryem.
  • Al Kabir Mosque and its three fountains

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