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Tangier : The History and The Best Places To Visit

Visit Tangier Morocco

Visit Tangier the northern Moroccan pacific city

The toursim guide of Tangier city

Tangier is one of the most special places in Morocco.

Tangier is an exotic city situated in the very north of the country, the bright white city has been a gateway to the much loved kingdom since the fifth century BC, its proximity to Spain makes it an ideal place to enter Morocco, a great launch pad from which to explore more of the country.

Tangier before anything else is a port city situated on a chock point between the atlantic ocean and the mediteranian sea, the moroccan coast is a rich fishing ground with the Atlantic to the west, mediterranean to the east, Europe to the north and Africa to the south, Tangier is a melting pot of different cultures.

It’s been a gateway city for so long that it has its own unique culture, quite different to anything you’ll find anywhere else in Morocco.

Tangier Sea

But don’t be fooled with those facts, even if the geography impose that it is the closest city to Europe from Africa, it is a 100 % Moroccan through. When you visit Tangier, you’ll find a place that is rightfully proud of its heritage and culture.

Today, Tangier is an interesting mix of north Africans, Spanish, Portuguese and French. When you walk the streets, the prevailing dialect you’ll hear is Moroccan Arabic, though there is a fair bit of Spanish mixed in with that.

Around a quarter of the people speak Amazigh as their main language, while road signs are written in Arabic and French. As a city with such a blended population, visitors are always welcome and English is well understood in all hotels and tourist areas.

Tangier has inspired people for generations with its offering of fascinating history, beautiful scenery and eclectic mix of people.

The city has long been a retreat for some of the world’s most creative people. William S Burroughs, Henri Matisse; Yves Saint-Laurent …. just a few of the people who have all found peace, solace and inspiration in this charming city at the tip of Africa.

The café scene for example is an important part of Tangier culture and when you’re sitting there sipping mint tea or strong coffee, looking at the paintings decorating the walls, it’s not too much of a stretch to picture creative people like Tennessee Williams doing exactly the same thing in another era exactly where you sit.

Whether you want to spend time on the lovely beaches, take a mint tea in one of the cafés where countless writers and poets have done in generations past, or explore the old quarter, this is a place where you should spend time, never just rush through.

Tangier City

What to do in Tangier ?

Start your visit by getting a real feel for the city with an exploration of the Medina. Set in the lower part of Tangier, surrounded by 15th century Portuguese walls, passing throught you will enter a labyrinthian wonderland the old town is delighfully disorienting.

The  grand socco :

The  grand socco is an emblematic main square inside the medina, it has whitnessed the phenician presence, the greeks, the romans, all the Morrocan dinasties all the way to its international status and the independence from colonial powers,  a history built from the dawn of human civilisation until our days.  you will found on your roots a collection of stalls, shops, teahouses, riads and  traditional artisans that still work with konwledge transmitted throught generations, community hammams and  bakeries, and cloreful piles of fruits, veggies, olives and stacks of fresh bread.

The Kasbah museum :

Another must-see is the Kasbah museum which can be found at the top of the hill in the medina. It is housed in the former Sultan’s palace and is worth visiting for the building as much as the exhibitions of local artefacts it houses, which date back to prehistoric times.

Cape Spartel :

Head out next to Cape Spartel, the most northwesterly point in Africa. Just nine miles from the city, the point is marked by the Cap Spartel lighthouse that was built by an international coalition, including Morocco, the US, France and Spain.

The Caves of Hercules :

You can also check the spectacular Caves of Hercules. Legend has it the Greek hero slept here on his way to steal the golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides. At the far end  of the caves you can see the Atlantic Ocean through an opening which was carved by the Phoenicians into the shape of Africa.

For nature-lovers, Tangier has breathtaking scenery, natural landscapes and biodiversity which will offer you a wealth of opportunities to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

The Caves of Hercules in Tangier – Morocco

One of Tangier’s big draws is its position on the coast. As well as lovely beaches to play on, it has one of the finest and most beautiful coastlines in the world, benefiting from a unique geographical position that offers access to the sparkling Mediterranean to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Offering a wide range of activities and water sports, like diving , kitesurfing…  it sure is a rewarding place for watersports fans.

Tangier Corniche :

For nightlife take a stroll along the Corniche, which stretches for three miles along the length of the Bay of Tangier, you’ll find sparkling marina, numerous restaurants, casinos; clubs and shops, spectacular view that stretches right over to the shores of Europe.

Tangier is a city that loves music, and the city festivals is a living proof of those vibrant vibes, the most famous festival is  Tanjazz a mix of large open-air shows and performances in more intimate surroundings in keeping with jazz’s traditional roots.

Performers come from all cities of morocco and from around the globe to appear, with its free spirit and artistic heritage, the city is the ideal place to host this event.

TANGIER – MOROCCO the most beautiful city in the world

You would surely love the beautiful, energetic and unique city of Tangier with the beautiful beaches and views to entertain you, and absolutely will have the best stay there.

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