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Mark Wiens’ Moroccan Food Experience: A Love Story in Rabat, Casablanca & the Desert

Mark Wiens’ Moroccan Food Odyssey: A Love Story in Rabat, Casablanca & the Desert! Join the American Travel and Food Blogger on His Culinary Journey Through Morocco’s Delectable Delights

Rabat food experience :

Moroccan street food in Rabat offers a wide variety of delicious and unique dishes, as well as the opportunity to experience traditional home-cooked meals with local families.

  • A food tour in Rabat, Morocco featuring unique stringy bread, sweet and salty street food, and a UNESCO world heritage site in the Old Town.
  • A family in Morocco has been making Shia Shia Shia sweet since the 1960s, street food includes crispy pastries and grilled sandwiches, speaker describes the delicious flavors and textures in Rabat.
  • The street food in Rabat, Morocco is incredibly tasty, including steamed cow head, fluffy sardines, and fresh sugar cane juice with ginger and lemon.
  • A food tour in Rabat, Morocco, featuring vibrant markets, a community oven, and a local restaurant with traditional Moroccan dishes cooked in clay pots.
  • Moroccan street food tour featuring a variety of dishes with harmonious spice blends, including meatballs, beef with caramelized prunes, and chicken with olives and preserved lemon.
  • Moroccan street food offers unique flavors and dishes, including preserved lemons, vegetable tajine, couscous with beef and raisins, and sweet/savory pastries, followed by a visit to the Kasbah of the Uas fortress in Rabat.
  • A food tour in Rabat, Morocco, includes trying sweets, enjoying mint tea by the river, and having a home-cooked Moroccan meal at Muhammad’s mother’s house, followed by a huge feast of seafood, vegetables, and salads with the family.
  • The street food in Morocco is delicious, with flavorful dishes like chicken with onions and green sauce, seafood platters, and beautifully decorated fruit platters, and the speaker had an amazing home-cooked meal.
Mark Wiens in Rabat

Desert food experience :

Mark enjoys the unique Moroccan food in Rissani, including the medfouna and camel milk, while exploring the vibrant markets and desert of Morocco.

The medfouna is packed and loaded with meat, making it a truly delicious and satisfying dish.

  • “Literally you cannot find this dish on the internet hands down that’s like the greatest tasting scrambled eggs you’ll ever have in your entire life.”
  • The preparation of the stuffed pigeons includes a mixture of kebab meat, spices, and eggs, creating a flavorful and unique stuffing for the dish.
  • Hands down that’s like the greatest tasting scrambled eggs you’ll ever have in your entire life and I can’t even imagine how it’s going to transform that pigeon deliciousness overdose stuffed pigeons.
  • The cooking process and flavors of the pigeon meat make it succulent, oily, and unbelievably tasty, creating a harmony of flavors in your mouth.
  • The fresh camel milk is rich, creamy, and frothy, tasting like natural cappuccino foam.
  • The experience of riding camels into the sunset in the Sea of sand is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Riding camels for the sunset is a must-do experience in Morocco.
  • Riding a camel through the desert is an amazing and graceful experience.

Casablanca food experience :

Mark Wiens goes on a food tour in Casablanca, Morocco, trying modern breakfast, camel meat, Moroccan mint tea, and delicious street food, while also exploring the city’s iconic mosque and traditional bakery.

  • Explored the iconic Hassan II mosque, learned about Islamic art, and visited a traditional bakery in Casablanca.
  • Tried Moroccan pastries and mint tea, experiencing the tea culture, and exploring the strong coffee culture and variety of pickled and fermented foods available in the market.
  • Mark visited a meat market in Casablanca, tries camel kebabs and hump meat, and describes the unique flavors and textures of the camel meat.
  • The seafood market in Morocco is like a Disneyland of seafood, with so much elevation and variety of seafood available.
  • The Seafood Feast is intense and unbelievable, showcasing the Chef’s impressive culinary skills.
Mark Wiens in Casablanca

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