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8 Must-Have Experiences in The Desert : Morocco Desert Magic Tours

Get a memorable desert trip and an outstanding experience in the desert of Morocco

Have you chosen to visit Morocco for your next vacation?

With its beautiful desert landscapes, Morocco is one of the essential destinations for a change of scenery.

Its idyllic setting is conducive to all kinds of tourist activities that stand out.

Best activities to do in the Moroccan desert.

  • Camp or bivouac in the Moroccan desert

A trip to Morocco is an opportunity to escape from the daily routine and live an unforgettable experience. Among the best tourist activities suitable for this purpose, there is the bivouac in the heart of the Moroccan desert.

 bivouac in the Moroccan desert
Bivouac in the Moroccan desert

Like the nomadic peoples of the Saharan desert, camp for several days in Berber tents. Nothing like sleeping under the stars, around the fire, to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture.

Spending the night in the desert also allows you to admire a beautiful sunset and sunrise. Thus, the bivouac in the Sahara desert is therefore perfect for discovering Morocco differently and living a unique experience.

  • Sandboarding in the desert of Morocco

Are you a board sports enthusiast? “Sandboarding” or “sandboarding” is the activity you absolutely have to try. If you are familiar with snowboarding, this activity, also known as “Berber snowboarding”, will not leave you indifferent.

Indeed, the two disciplines share the same principles and the same equipment.

Only the playing field changes from the mountain of snow to the great dunes of the Sahara. This tourist activity specific to the Moroccan desert is ideal for thrill seekers.

Also, do not wait any longer and come and enjoy the benefits of sand boarding with a stay in Morocco.

  • Walks on the dunes of the Sahara

A walk in the middle of the Moroccan desert will do you the greatest good. It is the ideal activity to commune with nature while admiring the beautiful desert landscapes. Among the must-see spots are the film studios at Ouarzazate, the imperial cities and the valley of roses.

Desert Sahara Walk
Walks on the dunes of the Sahara

But for a stay in Morocco, the tourist site not to be missed is the dunes of Merzouga or Erg Chebbi. The latter offers a breathtaking spectacle with these plays of light that change with the sun. Come and admire this spectacle during a camel or camel ride.

Note that for a circuit in Morocco, you can also take a quad, mountain bike or 4×4 ride.

  • Hiking or trekking in the Moroccan desert

For a road trip that challenges your body and your mind, opt for hiking in the Moroccan desert. The desert setting of the Sahara is ideal for venturing off the beaten track.

On a spiritual level, this trip to the desert is an opportunity to release your stress and forget your daily worries. This adventure is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and learn more about yourself.

A hike in Morocco also allows you to meet new people like the Berber tribes. The latter live in the heart of the desert and in the Atlas Mountains. So, don’t wait any longer to test your limits with trekking in Morocco.

The desert is an extreme place and only the most seasoned and experienced travelers can explore it on their own. The warm daytime temperatures plummet at night and if you don’t have the right equipment, you’ll get very cold.

Also, if you were to have a mishap with your vehicle, communicating the exact position and rescuing your 4×4 would be very difficult.

Traveling in the desert is no joke and it is highly recommended that you rely on the experience of the locals by taking a tour guide.

In general, the Sahara is best visited during the winter. Between November and February, the climate is more pleasant, while during the rest of the year, temperatures can easily reach 55 degrees Celsius.

If you’re traveling in the warmer months and don’t want to forgo a ride through the dunes, it is recommended to take a night camel ride. This way, you will avoid melting in the middle of the day.

Trekking Morocco's Scorching Desert
Trekking Morocco Desert

Best Desert Excursions in Morocco

  • Quad biking through the palm grove

For a taste of the desert experience, you won’t have to stray far from Marrakech. The Red City Palm Grove is an arid landscape dotted with palm, olive and fruit trees. This natural area borders one of Marrakesh’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Even so, it has retained much of its charm and is cross-crossed by a myriad of unpaved tracks.

  • Stargazing in the desert of Agafay

This excursion will take you to the nearby Agafay Desert, which is about 30 kilometers from the Red City. Get the typical picture of the dunes out of your mind: this natural landscape is characterized by arid terrain covered with stones and pebbles and almost no vegetation.

Zagora is about 360 km from Marrakech and is very popular with tourists who only have a short time available. In fact, two days and one night are enough to visit it, while other destinations require at least one more night.

  • The Desert of Merzouga

This safari will take you through Boumalne Dades, a village of 2,000 inhabitants. Here live the Imazighen, the descendants of the original inhabitants of North Africa, Tinghir, the Todra Gorges, a corridor of rock reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in the United States.

These mountains are the result of centuries and centuries of erosion; the Todra River has shaped the cliffs to give us this breathtaking scenery, the dunes of Erg Chebbi, in this fairy tale landscape, you can end the day with an unmissable activity: a camel ride at sunset.

camel ride in the Moroccan desert
Camel ride

The road back to Marrakech will take you to Ouarzazate for the opportunity to admire the Kasbahs of Taourirt and Tifoultoute.

There is no doubt that those excursions are very complete excursion, and if you feel like traveling with all the comforts, you can opt for superior quality rooms or tents for your stays available on all the spots in the Moroccan Desert.

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