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Visit Dakhla: 12 Reasons Why you Should The City of Dakhla

Visit Dakhla : Why you should visit it and the the best places to see

The jewel of the desert is a great destination. Visitors from all over the world visit Dakhla

Dakhla city is a blend of Amazing Amazigh and Spanish architecture.

You will feel you are in your home when you visit Dakhla, so you relax.

It is a town to relax, rest, and admire outstanding panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

So, what should you know about Dakhla? Top 12 Reasons that will make you desire to visit Dakhla.

1.     Kitesurfing

 When you visit Dakhla, you will enjoy Kitesurf, especially when you play it, even if it is your first time. You will have leisure time!

Dakhla lagoon is a little paradise for any kitesurfer.

Many people who have been there already, Dakhla, with more than 330 windy days a year, define ideal kitesurfing conditions.

It is a fully equipped kitesurfing resort for all ages.

The lagoon is in the wilderness and has a unique kitesurfing area with flamingos and dolphins.

The winds are steady because of their geographical position. And the water is flat also the micro-climate keeps temperatures from rising above 27°C amid the desert around it.

Here is some Wind information if you decided to visit Dakhla:

  • Level: Beginners/ Intermediates/ Experts
  • Airspeed:  From 15 to 30 knots
  • Main Wind direction: North East
  • Tides: large at high tide and more diminutive at low tide.
  • Water: Flat in a lagoon, shallow, and out of the lagoon waves.
  • Temperature: April to October 26 ° C & November to March 23 ° C
  • Water temperature: April to October 22 ° C and November to March 18 ° C
Kitesurf Dakhla

2.     Suitable Waves

Dakhla is one of the most reliable places to surf in the world. And it is well-known for entertainment world surfing and kitesurfing championships.

Pick up your board, or head to any rental shop and go to one of the warmest surf spots on the Dakhla coast.

  • Wave Direction: right
  • Wind Direction: North and North West
  • Wind Size: 0.5m to 2.5m
  • Tide: Low and High

3.     Dakhla Ancient Culture

Since early eras, Berbers and Arabs have populated Dakhla City.

Dakhla influences Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, and even the Saharan nomads because of their complicated geographical condition.

Now, Dakhla is the capital city of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab administration of Morocco.

The town comes alive after dark with its vibrant restaurants and coffee shops. Sleepy during the day because of Saharan heat.

If you visit Dakhla, make sure to see:

  • The Old Mosque
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Spanish Cathedral 
  • Dakhla Center
  • Dakhla Seafront
  • The Waterfront
Dakhla Medina

4.     Dakhla Festival for Arabic Music and Folklore

When you visit Dakhla, you have to attend the Festival. Dakhla Carnival is organized annually since 2008 and specialized in Arab music and Folklore.

Visitors from all over the world come to visit Dakhla to see the Festival. 

Because they attended to see Folklore, we must recognize that it is a way to move wisdom and history from generation to generation.

Because cultural wealth attracts tourists, the passion leads them to learn about new cultures and try everything related to them, including food, rituals, etc.

That promotes intercultural interaction, reinforces the bonds of tolerance and peace, and forges bridges between them.

Because it guarantees continuity, survival, and the existence of a kind of identity for all humanity

5.     Dakhla Events

This city annually draws more and more experienced riders, brands, and international events worldwide. 

The wind patterns are great and are responsible for what we said before.

Therefore, if you visit Dakhla, you might be fortunate enough to get the pros playing.

Some events took place earlier:

  • PKRA
  • VKWC 
  • GKA

6.     Delicious Seafood

Andalusian Spain and France inspired cuisine and became very popular in Morocco.

Dakhla is famous for its hand-pulled oyster culture, which forms part of its cooking rituals.

Also, Dakhla oysters are sold across Morocco and exported to significant restaurants in Europe and even Japan.

Besides, Dakhla restaurants sell a selection of fried shrimp and clams, calamari, fresh shrimp, spicy crabs, carpaccio cod, and oysters.

7.     Wildlife

The area of Dakhla is home to a broad number of endangered or threatened aquatic animals, fish, reptiles, and mammals.

UNESCO has funded a project to build a natural biodiversity park in Dakhla.

When you visit Dakhla, you will observe dolphins and whales in the lagoon all year long.

More in the lagoon, you can view pink flamingos, the most numerous birds in the area of Dakhla.

You can even see some camels if you are taking the shuttle for a short surf at Westpoint!

8.     Dakhla Golf

The Rio de Oro Golf is the first ecological golf course in Morocco. It was established in 2016, is one-quarter of an hour far from Dakhla center.

This golf course location is between the sea and the desert. Also, it spreads over almost 34 hectares and is known for its fine sand fairways.

The course respects the style of conventional golf courses, except for the greens that have given way to a modern course composed of a combination of stones, sand, and land.

However, this golf course is not as abandoned as you believe. The natural lawn of marine water protects it and can well withstand the harsh conditions in this Moroccan area.

The uniqueness of this unusual countryside gives the site its prestige.

There are no holes in the original and fully ecological golf course. It can customize to any level of the player.

The golf academy is at your side if you are a novice. Golfers of all ages are welcome.

9.     Massages & Spa

Nothing beats an instant of relaxing in the spa for a moment of purity to finish your stay in Dakhla with elegance.

A hammam followed by a pedicure and manicure session, or a massage of the foot and face? The services and conditions that fit you are responsible for choosing.


10. Puertito & Puerto Rico Beaches

A holiday that always rhymes with sunshine?

Do not forget Puerto Rico while you are in Dakhla.

Situated about sixty kilometers from Dakhla, this small and peaceful village has a paradisiacal beach.

This resort, known as “the private king beach,” is open to the public for a long.

Today this nature wonder is available for tourists who can then rest and swim in crystalline blue water on a fine sandy beach.

The long, pristine beach with a stone cliff in the middle is an attractive walkway.

The beach in Puerto Rico is as lovely as Puerto Rico, farther south. It is worth it if you visit Dakhla as well.

11. Dragon island

You can still see Dragon Island if you are not enthusiastic about a ship ride. It would be better when you walk on the island at a low tide.

This stroll is also a chance for kite surfers and dolphins to admire.

Pink flamingos and other migratory birds will act as your welcome committee as with the boat ride.

Dragon island

12. Dakhla Souk

Dakhla has its souk like all the Moroccan towns. Also, Dakhla Souk is very thin, but it is worth visiting, unlike in Marrakech.

There are also souvenirs you can find in other Moroccan cities that are impossible to find.

Women in the Sahara wore Melhfa clothes and are well-known and beautiful.

On your next trips to the desert, it will offer you a little freshness.

Have you enjoyed Sahrawi tea in the Village of Sahrawi? You can find this tea in Dakhla souk.

You will do better to impress the loved ones at home.

In addition to tea, you will find acacia sap, which you could use to sweeten the tea. 

You will also find other local specialties such as el aych, this cereal widely consumed in this region of Morocco.

To Conclude

If you decided to visit Dakhla, you will be so pleased and get a lot of experience and take a great adventure.

Dakhla has many places worth visiting and various things to discover.

I guarantee you will be so grateful when you visit Dakhla! Let visit Morocco ;)

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