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21 Best Places To Visit in Morocco in The Summer

Visit Morocco in The Summer : 5 Cities and 16 Places To Visit

To Visit Morocco in summer is one of the best choices you will make. Morocco includes many tourist and antique places. 

Tourists always came to Visit Morocco in summer because they want to have fun, taking pictures, and having unique moments with their beloved family.

So, how hot is Morocco in summer? And is Morocco too hot in July?

Morocco is likely too hot in summer. However, there is some differentiation from one city to another. 

For example, Tetouan city has a quiet climate and humid, Dakhla is hot due to its location exists near the Moroccan Sahara but with a fresh air because of the sea, but Ouarzazate is one of the hottest cities in Morocco in the summer. 

In general, I like summer in Morocco because it is healthy.

Morocco is hot in summer, and some cities are warmer than others.

You can expect a heatwave with tropical weather. And an average temperature between 30℃ o 42 ℃. 

Usually, the fifth week is the hottest in July.

I will show you the top five best places when you are going to visit Morocco in summer.

1.    Ifrane

Ifrane is one of the tourist attraction cities that you must see when you visit Morocco in summer. 

Statics shows that 12.9 Million tourists visited Ifrane in 2019. This statics means that Ifrane is one of the best places in summer.

The most attractive tourist places are: 

  • The Virgin Falls “Ain Vital”

If you are looking for a beautiful environment that offers you a maximum dose of leisure and activities of picturesque nature, you should not miss Ain Vital.

  • Cèdre Gouraud Forest

Cèdre Gouraud Forest is one the most stunning places in Ifrane. The environment is calm and relaxing away from the bustle of the city.

You can also enjoy a free outdoor tour of the woodland trails with large stretches of tall trees with mountain biking.

  • Ifrane National Park

The Park is one of the most charming tourist spots in Ifrane. It is among the most significant domestic places in Morocco.

The Park also covers a surface of around 500 km with thousands of varied wildlife.

So, when you visit Morocco in summer, do not forget to visit every corner in Ifrane.

2.    Agadir 

In 2019, over 1 million and 190 thousand tourists chose to travel to Morocco in summer to visit Agadir.

To visit Agadir in the summer, you have to see these places:

  • Agadir Beach

The Beach is unique and characterized by the flat, undulating dune, wind movement across the high Atlas Mountains, tropical forests, and palm trees.

  • Seafront Promenade

The Promenade Seafront is a lovely place. And it has unique, quaint, and picturesque beaches.

You will enjoy the surrounding beaches and resorts with palm trees. The Roman Bridge construct to connect many European countries to the Marbella Lighthouse.

  • Agadir Birds Valley

Birds Valley is a pleasant place.

 It includes hundreds of the most diverse and rare species of birds and mammals from the Asian and Latin American continents.

The flocks of goats and mountain ostriches roam around freely. 

So, if you choose to visit Morocco in summer, this will be a unique trip to take, as you will enjoy hiking, playing hobbies, and camping in the forest.

3.    Essaouira

Essaouira, or Mogador as called before, is an imperative city you have to see when you visit Morocco in summer.

And thousands of amateur surfing tourists visit it annually to enjoy their hobbies on its beautiful beaches. 

It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, which is famous for its high waves and wind speed.

Here are few places you have to visit.

  • The traditional Port of Mogador

Mogador Port is a traditional place for fishing in Essaouira. The Port also is one of the famous tourist attractions. It has many traditional wooden ships. And most of them are enjoyable blue fishing boats.

These blue wooden ships jostled with each other give a distinctive elegance that enchants visitors, especially at sunset, as the harbor becomes impressive.

When you visit the anchorage, the smell of grilled fish will greet you, so if you love to fish, do not hesitate to order a dish of fresh local sardines. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

  • Mogador island

Mogador isle the archipelago of Essaouira, and it is an ecological place. It has historical monuments reflected in two castles topped by towers at each corner. 

And also, an old prison on an area of ​​150 square meters dating back to the 19th century named after the island, Mogador Prison. 

From Essaouira coast, the visitor can see a mosque topped by a minaret.

  • The Old City

The Old City is a unique and distinctive architectural character. 

You will notice the European engineering in the city alleys that influences the landmarks and walls of the city.

Its regular streets are distinctive and attractive Andalusian architecture style.

The old city of Essaouira is rich in historical buildings such as the Portuguese Church, the ancient walls, Ben Youssef Mosque, Bab Marrakesh fortress, Bab El Bahr, and Sqala Port.

So, enjoy surfing around Essaouira corner when you visit Morocco in Summer.

4.    Dakhla 

Dakhla is a good destination, and it is worth it to visit Morocco in summer. It has fresh air, good weather, great for swimming, and enjoying monuments.

I advise you to visit these places along your trip.

  • Dragon Island

Dragon Isle is among the most famous and quiet tourist areas in Dakhla. It was named after that because the shape of the island takes the form of a dragon.

  • Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Beach is an enchanting beach. You can sleep in a traditional tent as part of a camping trip. And enjoy the stars of the sky shining luminous by the seawater.

  • La dune Blanche

The White Dune is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Dakhla. The sprawling sands surround the waters and tempt swimmers.

And the place will make you feel connected to nature and a feeling of unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

  • Turkish Beach or Vingt Cinq

Vingt Cinq is an isolated beach. And is comfortable with clear blue waters.

You will see a gathering of camping trailers known as caravan and make a friendship with other tourists. 

You will discover that love of region and perseverance in fishing hobbies and surfing combined everyone.

Have some fun with your beloved friends and enjoy the sunny coast. So, do not miss these chances when you visit Morocco in Summer.

5.    Chefchaouen 

It is impossible when you visit Morocco in summer without visiting Chefchaouen. When you are visiting Morocco in Summer, Chefchaouen is one of the best places. 

In 2019, Chefchaouen attracted almost 89 thousand tourists. And the most important landmarks of Chefchaouen are:

  • Akchour waterfalls

It is 30 km from Chefchaouen and one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The waterfalls locate at a high altitude and provide an impressive view of the whole country, with their distinguished position amid the magnificent mountains.

  • Ras El Maa Waterfall

Situated in a peaceful place, Ras El Maa Waterfall offers the visitors the rest they need on their journey.

Choose a place to sit down, drink a taste of marked Moroccan tea, enjoy the Waterfall, and take a peaceful moment during your journey.

  • Souika Neighborhood

This Andalucian district is quiet, and the area is painted in popular white and blue colors.

And it is one of the oldest residential districts in Chefchaouen. You should also take some photos and buy some exclusive souvenirs.

So, I encourage you to visit every spot in Chaouen and take as many pictures as you can when you visit Morocco in summer.

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