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Where To Celebrate The New Year’s Eve in Morocco (2023 update)

The best places where you can enjoy and celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Morocco 2023.

The term “festival” , as it is known everywhere, is simply an expression of importance and joy deeply related to a symbol of a certain social, religious, political or national affair.

Variant groups of people gather in festivals during a specific day every year in the memorial of a matter that means a lot to all of them. However, some of them might last for more than one day, which makes little children happier to celebrate the event with the different other individuals of adults and aged in an excited atmosphere. it is also familiar that the community which contains several sectors has a distinguished identity of cultural and secular diverse characteristics.

This suggest that a country as Morocco is strongly connected to history that it celebrates more than one New Year in the same year (the Gregorian, the Hijry or lunar, and the Amazigh year). This might be unusual to some, while it is a mark of excellence to others gathering one, two, three and more iconic features from numerous times in the same place.

How do Moroccans celebrate the New Year’s Eve?

Cities of Morocco became much more elegant in The New Year’s Eve and Christmas where the major Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat, Tangier and the costal line of the Atlantic Ocean turns charming, what is that unbelievable unique spell of beauty?

Most of the Moroccan young people like to spend the new year’s eve in interesting modes, so that they prefer to attend one of the huge festivals where music and songs figures.

Various people from different places around the world visit Morocco in NYE to meet their celebrities in one of the festivals organized systems.

They are breathtaking moments filled with joy, enchantment and kindness where fireworks, lightening ropes and carnations are spread everywhere, in the streets, houses public places, gardens and hotels as that they welcome  the new beginning of chances?

Despites the misfortunes of life, people in Morocco like to enjoy the arrival of the New year praying to God in this special to fulfill every human’s wish of good health and fortune.

How you can spend your Christmas + New Year’s Eve in Morocco

  • Under the stars of the desert

A New Year’s Eve in Morocco, in the desert, for an unforgettable transition to the New Year, as one dreams of, in the oases of the Great Moroccan South.

Spending New Year in the heart of the Moroccan desert is a very unique and unforgettable experience. In the program? Walk in the dunes and camel ride before reaching your camp for New Year’s Eve. After a superb day of discovery, gather around a campfire and enjoy a friendly moment in the desert, under the stars of Morocco.

Your New Year’s Eve menu will be very original: bread baked in the sand, prune tagine then tea and Moroccan pastries, for a change of scenery!

You will then enjoy your New Year’s Eve in a friendly atmosphere, in the middle of the silent dunes of the desert. A New Year’s Eve in the Moroccan desert that promises to be unforgettable, to start the New Year in Morocco!

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For a New Year far from the grayness of winter, choose Morocco to celebrate the transition to the New Year in a gentle way. Festive meals in local colors, cultural visits and lively evenings await you for your New Year’s Eve in Morocco.

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  • Festive evening in Marrakech

Marrakech and its sweetness of life are an ideal destination to spend a lively New Year’s Eve in Morocco. Immerse yourself in the heart of a bustling, lively and welcoming city, and discover all the riches of the Red City. Perfect mix between wild nature and culture, take advantage of your stay to discover all the treasures that Marrakech hides.

La Palmeraie is the ideal place to start your day of discovery before celebrating the New Year in Marrakech. Peaceful and restful place, stroll in its alleys and appreciate the calm of the place, a real journey for the senses.

The Majorelle Garden is not to be missed in Marrakech, as is a visit to the souks and the medina, to soak up Moroccan culture. In the evening, gather around a festive meal in the colors of Morocco, between local cuisine and oriental dance, then end the evening in one of the city’s clubs to celebrate the New Year.

The New Year in Marrakech promises you great discoveries, in a warm and festive atmosphere!

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  • A new year in the ocean in ESSAOUIRA

How about spending your New Year in Morocco, by the ocean this year? Essaouira will seduce you with its relaxed lifestyle and the beauty of its landscapes. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, discover all the wealth of the city, from the medina through the ramparts and the port, you will not have time to be bored in Essaouira.

The souks of the city are also not to be missed, this is the best place to meet the locals and immerse yourself in the local culture of Morocco.

At the end of the day, take the time to drink a delicious Moroccan tea before enjoying a meal in local colors in one of the city’s many restaurants.

Take advantage of your stay in Essaouira to taste the specialties of the country: leg of lamb with prunes, chicken tajine or even meatballs are among the most popular festive dishes in Morocco!

Extend the evening in a bar or take advantage of the mild evening to stroll on the beach and start the New Year gently in Essaouira.

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To conclude

The sources of cultural diversity, are numerous in Morocco that each aspect, festival, ceremony, is deeply rooted in authentic past. All components of Moroccan society are harmonically gathered in the land of the Kingdom to tell valuable stories to each new visitor.

A team of ambitious people write about the Moroccan tourism and share the knowledge about the beauty of Morocco.

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